E-Learning Lab conducts leading research and promotes state-of-the-art technological applications in the field of e-learning and teaching, and traditional education. On one hand, the lab brings together researchers, engineers, students, teachers and scholars to investigate how to build an intelligent distance-learning environment based on the Standard Natural Classroom (SNC) paradigm, which includes multimedia content delivery, information retrieval and data mining technologies. Owning to its expertise, E-Learning lab is responsible for the planning and development of the educational network platform of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. On the other hand, our lab focuses on improving teaching quality of traditional education via advanced artificial intelligence technologies by analyzing videos of real classrooms, including behavior analysis and emotion recognition.

E-Learning lab was established in 1995 by Prof. Ruimin Shen as an independent center of excellence at Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU). Prof. Shen is the Dean of SJTU’s School of Continuing Education, and has been working in the Department of Computer Sciences of SJTU since 1991. He pioneered e-learning applications in China and received several national and municipal awards for his achievements.

E-Learning lab has been funded at home and abroad , including National Nature Science Foundation of China, National Science Foundation, EU FP7 project ROLE. And we established long-term cooperation with the most famous enterprise like Intel and China Telecom. In 2004, E-Learning Lab assisted the MIT in holding the MIT OCW 2004 Academic Conference. In 2005, it won the funds from NSFC and BT and hosted the NSFC-BT bilateral e-learning conference. In 2006, it hosted the Distributed Learning Conference 2006 sponsored by NSF. Furthermore, it has established extensive cooperation with universities in Japan, the US and Europe. Since 2015, we have been focused on improving the teaching quality of traditional education by applying advanced artificial intelligence technologiesE-Learning Lab welcome communication and cooperation with researchers who have the same interests with us.




We are coporating with China Telecom to build a smart classroom system.


Host of the International Workshop on MOOCs, with participants from University of Michigan, EPFL, DFKI, Peking University, FernUniversitat in Hagen, etc


the Digital Education Show Asia 2013, Keynote Speech, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


the 7th European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning, Keynote Speech, Saarbrucken, Germany


Host of the ROLE General Assembly, with over a dozen European research partners visiting SJTU.


10th anniversary of the SJTUSchool of Continuing Education, which now provides online higher education to 35,000 students


National prize for Progress in Science and Technology, Class II. Start of the EU FP7 IP “ROLE” (Responsive Open Learning Environments).


Joint project with Sharp: “Personalized Teaching Service and Application of Key Technologies”


National Award for Science & Technology Progress (Class II), Host of the Distributed Learning and Collaboration Symposium, supported by US NSF


National Award for Research Achievements (Class I), Host of the China-UK Joint Workshop on e-learning and Emerging Technologies, supported by NSFC and British Telecommunications


Shanghai Municipal Award for Scientific and Technological Progress (Class I), Host of the 2004 MIT Open Courseware Conference


Founding of the SJTU-SPT Joint Modern Distance Education Research and Development Centre, of the SJTU-IBM e-learning Research Lab.


Founding of the SJTU e-learning Lab and the Shanghai Distance Education and Development Center.


Establishment of the SJTU-Intel Center for Distance Learning – the first Intel-sponsored project in mainland China.


Founding of the e-learning Lab of CERNET with the mission to implement distance education in Shanghai.